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New Growth


Originally Posted by goobersnatch
Thanks Meta, yea I’m young I’m only 19 haha. I often wonder if I still have any natural growth left for my penis.

Yet you registered 5 years ago! Lets pretend it was your Dad who registered and brought you in on the family secret shall we? ;)

LMAO! I know I know, I just never really got into PE like I really wanted to man guess I wasn’t really motivated enough. Procrastination sucks lol but hey it happens.

Go Big, or Go Home.

You gained .5” in NBPEL and lost 30lbs in 2 weeks?

Definitely do a BPEL, rather than not. It’s much more consistent.

And yes, people grow well after their 18, in both height other areas. I know because I’m one of those people. At 18-19, I was about 6 1/4 BPEL and now, I’m just under to 7 to 7 even. I was also about 5ft 9 inches at 18 and by 22 I was just under 6 ft.

Both height and penis length averages don’t seem accurate, but they are. When I hear the the average height of a man is 5ft 7in - 5ft 8in… I think, that seems too low because all the friends I have that are taller than I am come to mind. Then when I start thinking about it, I quickly find several that are that height, like right now, I can think of like 7 people about 5’8”

I think this pours over into a good comparison with Penis size. We’ve all heard of guys bigger than we are, but then when you research a bit, you find that the average is lower than it seems it would be and that there are many people out there below where are as well. It really puts things into perspective, I think.

Starting - November 12, 2012 || BPEL: 6 7/8in || EG: 4 1/2in

Goal #1 - BPEL: 7 3/8 (+ 1/2 in.) || EG: 4.75 in. (+ 1/4 in.)

Hey guys, I recently did a BPEL and it measured 5.75, before when my NBPEL was 4.9 and at the time my BPEL was at 5.25 which I failed to mention.

UM I lost 30lbs over the course of 3months due to anxiety and healthier eating habits.

Go Big, or Go Home.


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