New Girth routine.....

I found a new girth routine after having used and tried many here on the forum. Also have come up with my own variations that I have shared heretofore. This one while subtle in style may have the most long lasting value and by far the easiest to do. Here goes….

While laying in bed (I find on my side works best as not to disturb my wife as she is still sleeping) with morning wood I take a tucked (fetal position) and simple do sqweezes using my upper thigh muscles. By laying my fingers gently around the “neck” of my penis I can feel the stretch being given to the tunica as I perform at least one hundred of these before getting out of bed or turning over to give my wife some good morning sunshine.

By varying the rhythm and intensity as well as the duration of each squeeze you can give the tunica a very good workout with little effort. You can vary the way this is done by dropping one leg over the front of the other giving a different attack angle to the exercise as well. I find I am gaining more control over my thigh muscles to the extent of bringing the “squeeze” from the back to the front, or from front to back or just plain all over.

A side benefit of this exercise also, is that the upper thigh muscles are getting more thoroughly developed and my balls can’t drop between my legs while walking forcing the whole package definitely more “out front”.

Amazing all the things I am learning well into my fifties now and glad to pass them on along.