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New Girth Exercise

New Girth Exercise

-=WARNING, Girth Exercises such as this one should not be performed by newbies to PE=-

Ok, now that the safety measure is out of the way let me explain this exercise and how I invented/discovered/modded it.

There is a pornstar on the scene right now with a very thick penis: Shane Diesel. Link to porn removed
When I watched something with him in it I was amazed at his girth. He and his publicists (or whatever they have in porn) claim he has 8” in girth. I’m not sure I believe that, but it is arguably the thickest I’ve ever seen.
But look at the shape of his cock…it doesn’t seem natural. It bends down halfway down the shaft and a bit to one side. It is also thickest approximately where it starts to bend downwards.

I decided that he must have PE’ed to get that girth.

Here’s the exercise which, when done correctly by me, makes my cock look just as thick as his (during the exercise, not after I’ve released my grasp).

-Get an erection
-Lose most of the erection (go back down to about 10-20% erection)
-Make the tightest “OK” grip you can on the base of your penis
-Kegel in as much blood as possible (release your base grip slightly to allow the kegeled blood to enter then seal up again after each kegel)
-Gently hold the head of your penis so that the top side of your glans is directly against your palm
-Using your hand on the glans, bend your penis downwards as much as you are comfortable with

I haven’t used it enough to decide how long one should be holding the bend, hopefully I can get some willing volunteers.
The benefit of bending downwards is that you are really working the Corpora Cavernosa and Tunica because they are located above the Corpus Spongiosum (Penis cross-section diagram).

This exercise seems to be pretty effective so far because it really feels like a good workout.

Any questions?

Kind of like Plumped Bend Video?

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Yup, well I just wasted my time. Can a mod delete this please?

I think we’ll leave it. We tend to leave stuff. It’s better that way.

btw I removed the porn link in your post. Check out the Forum Guidelines when you have a chance.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

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