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New gains for Nov 07


Originally Posted by btamboli
My girlfriend has been complaining this whole month that it “fills her up” and that it feels like “ripping” and now I know exactly why!

My goal is now 8 BP 7EG

Your poor fucking girlfriend!

Originally Posted by bigluke39
Way too incredible to believe. I would believe .1, or .2” but there is no way on Gods green earth that anyone can gain nearly an inch in 30 days. Length? Sure, Girth? No freaking way!

I only wish I could have gained an inch in length in 30 days!

Good gains btamboli. Quick question though how is 7” girth going to feel for your girlfriend because too much girth might deter her from having sex.just a thought. I just finished my first month and I actually took a week and 3 days off b/c I got a little over zealous and had a little bruising. I started at 6.25” BPEL 5”EG and now after the first month I’m at 6.56” BPEL and 5.19” EG. I started with the newbie routine for the first two weeks but then I started to get the ‘baseball bat’ shape form jelqing so I only focused on stretching for the last week after coming back from the break and now it’s all good. I think I’m going to just focus on my length until I get to a length I like. I’m thinking around 7” maybe more and then once I reach the length I like ill start doing girth. That way ill be able to make sure the girth is going to be uniform.

To be honest dwight, I hope my girl will get used to it, I have read that most girls can comfortably accommodate 8x5, however, I do not know if this fact is true. I found I gain girth way faster than length and to be honest I am going to be pretty happy after cracking the 6.5 EG mark. But for now length is my concern as I still have 1.8 inches to go. But hey, if I keep gaining girth along the way, it’s like icing on a cake! But I like your ideology maybe I will concentrate more on length for now!

Good luck bud!


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