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New found Girth

New found Girth

I have seen a thread from Audacia on all day cock rings and I think the idea is correct.

Recently I have been clamping with my hand at the base of my fully erect penis and pumping via kegels blood into the penis, minimizing out flow ,holding for 1-2min and alternating hands.after every set with each hand I do fully erect dry jelqs slowly 5-7 sec preferably, again alternating. So far this has been increasing girth massively to the point wen it feels very chunky wen erect for the next few days,this is why I do it every day if I can. But as an experiment I had week of no pe and it subsides but still remains a bit bigger than before (also I use ads 2 hrs most days, my hope, streatching it in altering ways).

Thus I theorize that like the fascia of a muscle, the parts of the penis containing blood can be streached and forced to permanently Carrie more blood. I would like to add to this from now on the idea you and others publicised about keeping it semi-engorged,..
I think my statues is a noob but I have gained over an inch in bpel via an ads (4 hours every day 3 months but should have done the 3 moth additional maintenance,to my loss).and have gotten some girth from regular intense jelqs

ADS work for length

Yep, I’ve had great gains doing a similar sort of routine (without the stretching). There will always be a proportion of expansion that is temporary, yet usually as we increase overall expansion, the permanent part of it will increase too. Having said that, it is my belief that wearing a loose cock ring all day helps to “cement” temporary expansion, making it more permanent (possibly by way of changes in the tunicas elasticity).

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Interesting.where would I acquire such a device.( all cock ring)

Sorry I meant to say all day cock ring

How loose is loose though?

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Man of 10. You’ve got some great gains there. Were they all steady over time, Or did you find what worked for you at one point and just attacked it. More interested on your girth gains. Your length gains are definitely awesome though.

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