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New entry needs advices

New entry needs advices

Hello to everybody!I’ve registered to this forum just few hours ago,but I’ve already been doing Pe for about 3 weeks,and no injuries so far.I know that the improvements won’t come easily,but yet I can feel my erections harder than usual and I think I’ve increased a bit the flaccid lenght.
Anyway here’s my routine,which is not very different from the standard Newbye routine:
10 mins of warmth-up (I make a lot of it to prevent injuries,and it worked so far :)
7-10 mins of every kind of stretching (in all directions) except for V stretches
10 mins of jelq,split in 5 mins of oil jelq and 5 mins of dry jelq,switching standard hold to inverse hold
2 minutes of warmth up to relax my penis from the training :)
Am I doing well,or there’s something wrong?Needing advices
And the last question:
I’ve been jelqing at the beginning with almost max erection( 90-95%),getting after 5 minutes of intense holding to 50-60% of erection,then I start up again ,making my penis hard again with videos. I’ve read here that jelqing at 90% can be dangerous for newbyes,but I’ve been taking softly and easy and no problems so far.Should I stop doing it to be safier or can I keep doing it?

Hope you can help me!waiting your advices!thanks in advantage!

It is better not to jelq at high erection.

Quite simply you can do it, but if anything does give way you will have a serious problem which may mean a long lay off from PE-ing.

It’s like crossing a road in front of a bus. OK, until one day you might be distracted. - Then you might be dissected.

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I would hold off on the jelqing with full on wood for a WHILE.

Mates.I’m back with new experiences and new questions :) .Hoping that someone can make me happy answering it:P.

After 1 month of Pe(0.5 cm of lenght gain) I’ve stopped it for about a week beacause of a school trip ;) ,and I’ve restarted it for a week.During the schooltrip anyway I’ve noticed something odd:

My penis became every day smaller and flabbier.Now anyway has returned to the normal status again,but I think I’ve lost a bit of fact I don’t feel that my penis has the same thickness than it had always used to have.After this fact I’m beginning to think that if I stop for some reason Pe,my penis will become smaller and so,apparently I’m forced to go ahead with the Pe path.But what if someday I wanna stop?do the lenght/girth achievments last for my whole life or is it possible to have some declines?

Advices please!

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