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New - desperate

New - desperate

Hello, my name is Jim, I’m 23 years old. And my selfesteem is very low due to my relative small penis, my starting stats are 4,5” length and 4”75 girth. I’ve been thinking about doing PE for a long time and now I decided to really do it. But I really need this to work, so I hope it’s gonna work out.

Welcome to TP, VHjim.

It does work - given perseverance, not overdoing things, using heat and reading, reading, reading - in addition to following the Newbie Routine.

regards, mgus

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Welcome to TP Jim.

Start out with the newbie routine or a while. Take it easy at first but be consistent. The gains will come.

Good luck.

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Good luck with your future gains.

Yes, in the beginning lots of folks overdo it, and it results in injury which means time off and obviously slower gains. This will take more than a couple of weeks, even more than a couple months. But stick with it, When you get your first gains you’ll be stoked. Just take it easy and stay consistant.

PE can do wonders for your self esteem, trust me. When I got some quick newbie gains I was on top of the world. Even when I don’t gain though it still feels good knowing that one day I WILL have a larger penis. The most important thing I’ve learned is that it is a marathon, not a race. But there are a lot of other important things to read about as well.

Welcome home VHjim I can not add anymore than what Mgnus has added,for he has captured it well. You will and can gain. Be smart and continue to grow your unit and learn while teaching others of some of your experiences. Rome was certainly not built within a day nor will our desired units be constructed within a day.

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Good luck Jimbo!

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Thx for all these reports, I’m starting today with the newbie routine!


VHjim, welcome to Thunder. I wish you a lot of good gains.


P.S: When you allow your penis to heal, that’s when the growing starts.

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Welcome. Follow the newbie routine and be careful. It’s not a race. Enjoy the journey.

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Good luck.

First thing to do is avoiding doubts; second, remember: perseverance wins (it’s the signature of a member here, I hope I will not have a judge-calling :) ).

Girth isn’t bad.

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Let’s not judge the guy, Okish6er, I get the feeling he gets enough of that already - even if it’s just from himself. :leftie:

Originally Posted by VHjim
Thanks for all these reports, I’m starting today with the newbie routine!

Also, we use English here, not chat-speak, so just do your best to avoid it. When in doubt, don’t abbreviate.

This makes it easiest for the most folks to be able to read and respond to you (for example, many members here are speaking English as a second or third language). Also, Thunder just plain likes it that way. :)

It’s not a race, as was said earlier, so concentrate mostly on making it consistent. And really getting the exercises right.

Use heat.

Breathe into the stretches, hold them for 20-30 seconds at just below the threshold of pain.

Jelq at 60%-80% erection level. If you get harder than that from doing them, stop and let the erection subside a bit, then resume. If the erection drops off, stop, and stimulate yourself up to the point of being in the zone.

Monitor your PI’s (Physiological Indicators). If your dick is having trouble getting hard, or you notice your morning wood is less woody than usual - you may be going a bit too rough. If you notice it getting stronger, that’s a good sign (obviously).

Search around and do as much reading as possible. If you really get stuck and can’t find what you’re looking for ask.

Welcome to Thunder's.

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