New curvature

Hey TP!

I’m new to PE and have been doing the newbie routine for about a week now. Already I’m experiencing a larger flaccid hang which is cool, and I think my EQ is increasing as I’m feeling harder, but I also seem to be developing a slightly more pronounced curve to the left. Obviously I’m only a week in so it could be nothing, but it’s always best to correct things as early as possible. If anyone knows anything I can do to counteract the curve that’d be cool, although I’ve heard they will eventually stretch themselves out. Also my balls seem to get in the way a bit when trying to reach the base of my penis to do a full length jelq (I’m thicker in the middle so I want to make sure to get as much of the base as possible) so if anyone has a way of getting around that I’d like to know it (:

Other than than, hi! I’ve enjoyed the forum so far. My stats (rough, still need to get round to having a proper measure) - BPEL 7 to 7.25”, MSEG 5” (bit of a spaghetti dick?). My goals - BPEL 8”, MSEG 6”+
Thanks guys