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New comer and first post


Sorry cantlook!

BPEL - 5 5/8" --- Goal 6"

MSEG - 4.5 " ---- Goal 4.75 "

You will be fine with the newbie routine. I stated at close to your size. My nbpel was 4 inches. It may take some time and be patient. Your ED could be over thinking your size when you with someone. I use to do that.good luck

Started: 5.0bpelx5.0mseg.


Originally Posted by King1990

Do you have ED when looking at porn?

I’ve only noticed it in sex tbh, I’ve just noticed I’m not as hard as I was or should be :S


It’s cool mate I asked for honest opinions and thats what I got - I have been told several times from different woman that I’m amazing in bed I can go on for hours so it does show size isn’t everything lol

But who doesn’t want a bigger size.. So I’m going to be reading into this PE and hoping it does the trick :)

Well I’m glad to be apart of your very friendly community and hope to see you all around the boards.



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