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New Asian Member Here

New Asian Member Here

Hows it going everyone?

I am 25 years old, Japanese American, and currently working full time/going to school full time. After going through a ton of these posts I feel a lot better about my size and really put it in perspective that my dick is average rather than way below average. I am sure that Porn does it to all of us, but it would be great to be the guy with the dick all the girls reminisce about. I am starting off with a 5.5” BPEL and 5”EG and hope to hit the 8 or 9” EL mark by the time I hit 30.

I have been coming to this site on and off for several years and never really got committed to it because of a lack of dedication and time. Well I figured if I spent less time jacking off and watching Youtube I could be spending that time getting ripped and getting a huge dick like I always wanted. So for the past month I have stuck with the Newbie routine on a 6 on 1 off schedule with no exceptions even if it means less sleep. Also I figure if I become a dedicated active member then I will have more motivation to develop a routine to hit my goals.

So far from my total exclusion from porn (thanks to YourBrainonPorn) and the newbie routine, my dick has been harder and I have been waking up hornier than ever. I haven’t seen any gains yet, but soon I will see something and in the event that I don’t I will just take a different approach.

Anyway I hope to get to know all of you for my new five year goal!

Welcome to Thunder’s! Nothing at all wrong with your starting size. It’s nice to get a dose of reality, huh?

If you’re holding up well doing 6-on and 1-off, then you’re in pretty good shape. Most guys need more rest time during the week to maintain good EQ and stay clear of undesirable PIs. That’s a judgement call you’ll have to make for yourself, but use the information here to help you best determine that.

Hang in there, and think about keeping a workout log if you aren’t already doing so. It’ll help you keep track over time of the routine variants you have tried along with corresponding results.

Good luck!

Welcome to the forum. As calfaddict said, you’ve got completely respectable beginning stats. I’m impressed with your dedication to PE when you’ve already got a lot on your plate. Keep an eye on the PI’s and good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

Nice starting stats and setting up a realistic timeframe for those gains is really smart. Good Luck!

@Calfaddict - The six on 1 off schedule will only hold up as long as my dick allows me to. I already know how long work out injuries can take to get over and I already factored that into it. If it does get injured, there is always kegels. And I do plan on doing a daily journal just as soon as I can post in other areas

@CLGP7 - I really looked into PI’s and NI’s on a few of the other posts and gained some knowledge, plus working out with damaged goods only makes things worse. I learned that from knee and shoulder injuries from working out

@Jzeg - I think this whole thing is about long term goals and being more realistic, but it would be nice if I did unexpectedly attain them in a few weeks.

@Hungasianguy - I was really following your posts and I am glad there is another Asian on here that posts regularly.

Ok so I had a question for everyone on here. I did a search on diet already and I was wondering if anyone on here looked into a way to increase gains without the use of too many supplements? For the past 6 months I have blended all the fruits and vegetables that are known to reduce inflammation and I basically reduced my instances of shoulder or knee pain when I work out, so does anyone think the same idea could be applied toward healing ligaments, smooth muscle, and every other tissue type in my dick?

Don’t obsess over special diet formulations or supplements. Just maintain a clean diet designed to support overall health, and your penis will benefit just like the rest of your body. You are probably on a good track by shifting towards a diet that is anti-inflammatory in nature—out with sugars/refined starches and excessive omega-6 lipids (“vegetable” oils). A little extra omega-3 from wild-caught fish or grass-fed ruminants works against inflammation and supports other aspects of health. It’s likely best to go after food sources of nutrients rather than popping pills or taking powders.

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