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New around here

New around here

Hey guys

(I apologize for my lousy English; just try to guess what I’m trying to say)

I’m a rookie and I’m in PE for a week now. Must admit that this tutorials are much more fun than a suicide (joke). I have been looking for something like this quite for some time but the cruel fate didn’t want me to find it. But now here I am even more eager to learn.

I’m in rookie routine now and have some questions:
- When streching what do you exactly stretch (must stretch)? If you would mark where penis is connected to you body; would stretching (results after some time I mean) pull mark away or will it stay where it is. Are we stretching penis away from the body or are we stretching JUST the penis (which part of the penis is getting stretched)?
- I have this problem and was wondering if there is someone alike here; when a penis is not erect head of it is covered with skin but when it is erect this skin is pulled down and nicely stretched. Well in my case it doesn’t stretch nicely. Head of the penis is “free” but the skin stays just below the head like some sort of skin collar because on the back of the head there’s a string shaped piece of skin that is attached to the collar which won’t allow full stretch. If I could get rid of it I would gain like 2 cm. It’s making sex even painful a bit sometimes (it’s ok when condom on because it holds the collar still).And it’s harder to do jelqing. Now combine that with a small dick and you can watch women die laughing. What do you think should I go to the doctor to get it cut? It’s even more problematic because of the two veins in that place.
- Does jelqing affect only girth or length also?

P.S.:You’ll get the stats in the next post

Hi, Cyro

If you use the search button at the top of the page and type in “frenulum breve” you will get a few threads that deal with having a tight connection between the foreskin and the rest of the penis. There are also some links in the threads to sites that describe a simple operation to cut the connecting skin (frenulum).

Hope that is of some help,


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First of all welcome to Thunder’s. Now for some answers.

When you stretch you can really do it both ways. I stretch by pulling the penis away from the body. There are guys who hold the base a do a tug-of-war type pull. I would say to start with the traditional one hand pull away from the body.

The second question I don’t really know too much about because I am cut, but mbuc seems like he answered that pretty well already.

Lastly. Jelqing mainly produces girth gains, but it does also help with length. How much, varies from person to person though.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! That was a big help.

Welcome, CYRO

Slovenia, huh. Nice to hear from people all around the World.


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