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New around here! And a question.

New around here! And a question.

Hi guys, Iv’e been watching around the forums for some time and been doing some PE and decided to step into the forum.
It seems like a great place!

I got a question about an injury I got.
few days ago, while I was stretching, I busted a vain. The injury looked kinda big, and some times it was black some times it was light red.
few days later, the redness is gone (the black even before…) and all I got left is a 1/2 cm - cm part of the vain that’s black. like, I got the vain in a blue color going through, then it turns black to around a cm, and gets back to blue. Any one ever had this? does it pass with time? nothing i can do to make it leave faster?


Hey bill,

I’ve never popped a vein from stretching (how did you manage that?) but I have with Horses and they tend to take a while to clear up even when they looked healed they are weaker and can be reinjured months afterward.

The blackness sounds like just a stage in the healing process. The important thing is to apply a cold wrap immediately after injury and then the next day switch to hot wraps and light massage, this has increased the speed I heal vein injury.

I guess you missed the cold wrap window so hot wrap and massage and swear of PE until a couple of days after the injury is visually healed. Then go back slowly.

Hope that helps and I’m not just telling you stuff you already know.

Heh, stupidly for me I did hot wrap after wards, always thought hot wraps are usefull to anything with PE, I guess not for busted vains.

I dont know how I poped it, I remember stretching down without looking, then when I looked at it it had kinda big red spot. So I guesses it’s a busted vain and looked around the forum about it… But I didn’t get to the cold wrap part.

It’s been a week and some days already to the injury but yet the blackness remains, some time it’s better though. when I just got injured I took around 4 days off. And only now I joined and wrote about it.

Thanks alot any way, you did help :P

>I did hot wrap after wards, always thought hot wraps are usefull to anything with PE, I guess not for busted vains.<

I thought the same thing (and have done the same thing) but the first time I tried an initial cold wrap it helped. Here’s a TroyT8 thread on the concepts.

I don’t know how old you are but the older we get the longer these type of things take to heal. I’m a 30 something and a week doesn’t sound too bad for a serious break. Taking two weeks off seems fairly sensible.

I’m 25. I think around four days should be enough for it to heal. I took another extra day after I didn’t see any sign of the vain, just to be sure.

and yet, the vain remians black. Though after a warm shower it gets a bit brighter. I hope it will pass with time and some hot showers.


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