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New. Anyone have any advice

New. Anyone have any advice

I’m currently at a unsatisfying 5.25” x 4.75” Which is extremely disappointing to me right now. I’m deciding to give PE a good shot. I don’t think it can really hurt me in the long run as long as I don’t go crazy with it too soon, so why not?

Here’s my routine:

1. Warm Up [5 Minutes soaking in warm wash cloth]
2. Squeezes [5 seconds on; 5 seconds off]
3. Jelqing
4. Tension Stretch [10 seconds on; 10 seconds off]
5. Kegals [5 seconds on; 5 seconds off]
6. Cool Down [5 Minutes soaking in warm wash cloth or Shower]

I started on the 7th, and I’ve been sticking to this routine so far.. Some people have told me that It’s a good way to start, and I plan on adding to it.. The Reps I’m doing change daily [Increase a little every day], but I want to know if I should add any exercises to ensure lots of growth in both Length and Girth. Any suggestions/comments would be helpful. Thanks


Welcome aboard MidnightSun. You are doing something pretty similar to the newbie routine, so I think it is right. Stay on that for at least three months, without overdoing or increasing intensity too fast, and let us know how it goes.

Good luck!

One thing that I think is important to understand is the Elastic to Plastic theory (EtP). I don’t remember where in here I read it, but it sounds pretty close to reality.

You say it can’t hurt, and if you are careful you may be right. But it WILL be DIFFERENT. You are going to be changing your unit from a “grower” into a “shower”.

I have been grappling with this for the last few days. Is that what I really want? Honestly, I kinda like that my dick triples in size (300%) when it gets hard. But if you do PE, you will get all stretched out and only get, say, 30% bigger than flaccid. So the first phase is the transformation of the flaccid into something closer to your erect size. Only then will you start to see real gains. Is that something that you want?

The more experienced guys will have to correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve got a hypothetical graph to demonstrate this (see attachment). The Y axis is length. The X axis is time. The hills represent erect length, the valleys represent non-stretched flaccid length. As you do PE, you will be changing the properties of your dick from the way it is now (first few cycles) to the way it is after the transformation (last few cycles). In the beginning, the difference between flaccid and erect is 3.5 inches units. But in the end the difference between flaccid and erect is only 1 inch. In the end, the erect length is 1.5 inches bigger than the original erect length. In fact, the flaccid length ended up even bigger than the original erect length. Is that what you want?

So, the bigger your goal, the more you have to be willing to lose the “magic” that is an elastic dick. Does that make sense?

Veterans, please comment on this! I would LOVE to see some of the more experienced gainers chart this from their actual records so newbies like me can really see the plastic effect that we are getting into here. Does anyone miss their old elastic cock?

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Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

I am not sure newbies really need to get all caught up with being totally conversant in PE theory.

Agonizing over the ins and outs of Lot, Plastic Effect or whatever is not going to make your penis larger.

Best thing you can do it just consistently do your newbie routine. If you want to read up on theory, sure why not? But do your routine!

Think about it like driving a car. You can either spend all day worrying about how a car works, or you can get in the car and drive to your girlfriend’s house.

That being said, here are 2 very short articles with some “practical theory” that will really help you with your with your PE career if you haven’t read them already:

Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!
Warning! If you haven’t gotten improved erections:

Oh, I agree, but what I am getting at is “full disclosure”. I’m not saying it is important for newbies to fully understand how it all works, but I do feel it is important to understand the difference between the “elastic dick” that TRIPLES in size to get to 6” erect and the “plastic dick” that is 6” flaccid and gets to 7” erect. That’s a big change.

I know you veterans certainly enjoy having a bigger dick, but do you miss the elastic aspects that are now mostly gone?

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

(Sorry to hijack the thread, MidnightSun, but it’s pertinent I think)

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

Tallheart - I had one of those triples in size flaccids. Depending on the day it could even be quadruple in size.

Now I am a little bit more of a “shower”. I don’t mind it. I wouldn’t mind being more of a shower. However I have noticed that if I am not actively PE’ing (decon break) then my flaccid gets smaller, while erect size keeps the gains. So at least for me I’ve found that a larger flaccid is tied to actively doing PE. Hope that helps.

Your complaining about your knob becoming a shower?
Most people here want that so it looks big all the time.

And a girl is not going to say oh it’s quite small meaning it will get much bigger.
She is going to be like oh my it’s quite long I am going to enjoy this.

And I would love to have a flacid 6 inch flop.
It would take the attention away from my balls.

And Midnightsun that’s a very good routine it looks like it could be a alternative to the Newbie Routine.

How many days on and days off?
Rest days are very important.

Current Stats: 6.9BPEL/6.4NBPEL 5.5MEG.

Current Goal: 7BPEL/6.5NBPEL 5.75MEG.

Sta-kool: Thanks for that. Exactly what I was hoping for! I feel better already.

Misterwiskers: LOL—Not complaining! No not me! I was just a little hesitant because the difference between flaccid and erect is all part of the fun, if you ask my wife. Plus, I am very sensitive, and I am wary to lose any sensitivity.

Of course women would love to see a bigger flaccid, but they also expect a certain amount of increase when it gets hard. I would think that that’s part of the fun.

I guess the 30% increase from flaccid to erect is plenty fun for them. Especially if it comes with another inch!

As stay-kool said, though, the percentage difference is related more to the active PE vs decon periods. Which is cool.

Begin 12-28-08: BPEL:5.8 EG:4.75

Current 2-08-09: BPEL:6.0 EG:4.90

1st Goal_____: BPEL:7.0 EG:5.50

Well, I’ve read all of this, and I don’t mind being a shower lol. Sometimes I have like a 1.5” flaccid depending on the day and temperature, but then I get hard and it’s like 6” depending on how aroused I am. The stats I posted were at the moment I started. I know it’s not the actual/definite length/girth, but it varies. But at later weeks when I’m into PE a little bit more, and have shown some gains, I’m going to post pictures and see what others think of it :P I have a table set up in Word showing my progress and my amount of reps per day and per activity. It’s quite well organized, so I’ll post that eventually as well. Overall, I would rather be a shower than a grower with a 2” flaccid penis. From living, most of life is based on first impressions.. And being Bisexual, it can have affect me a lot :)

Also, I’m thinking about doing 3days on and 1 day off. I’m not sure though. I was thinking about doing something like 6 days on and take the last day of the week off.. I was wondering if that’s a little bit extreme or not. Let me know :)

Thanks for the replies guys!

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