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New and need some tips on penis building

New and need some tips on penis building

Hi guys been reading alot on here for a few weeks and this is my first post/thread.

My penis measures at around the 6 inch mark and I would like around 7+ if possible.

I have been doing some dry jelqs in bed before I goto sleep the last 4 nights and have noticed my penis is starting to straighten out as it does have a slight curve to it when erect.

My main problem is after about 5 jelqs my penis is fully erect and very hard to can’t do anything with it, I wait for it to subside by squeezing on the head, then 5 more jelqs and I’m back to square one. I can’t see a way round this so need some advice.

My other problem is when I ejaculate the spunk just comes out slowly like a dribble I was wondering how I can get it to squirt out to impress my fiance. Lol

Welcome jza.

If you get fully erected while jelquing, you have at least 2 chances:

a) wait untill erection subside a bit;
b) jerk off before jelquing.

To enhance ejaculation, Kegels could be useful.

Best gains.

Hey there Jza27,

To vanquish a woody, do you squeeze under the head, you know, the area where the frenulum grows. Kills it for me. Another simple way to stifle a stiffy is to take two rough bricks to bed and therewith smack your wilful Willy between them. With the threats and curses that follow, you have a recipe for flaccidity. Usually does it for Cramer and the boys, Jza27. If this doesn’t work then attaching a binder clip to the head ought to do it. For those obnoxiously redundant hardons, an alligator clip works magic but that may be stepping to the curb side of extreme. Stick with the bricks, bud.

Oh, to have a hard so persistently hard. If you’re older than 40 get out a here. I think I’ll write an ode on the thought, “Ode to a Wilful Willy”.

My advice on shooting like a warrior, you’ll be amazed to hear, is just as poignant as my understanding of the workings of a persistent boner. As suggested by marinera, work on your kegel exercises and I would add, your anti-kegel exercises, religiously, and you should see results, I am sure. Also, try quick machine gun kegels whilst ejaculating and you should get some more distance. After eight weeks of strenuous kegels (I can crack walnuts with my BC muscles) and fewer using anti-kegels I added a metre to my fertile seizures. The other night I took out an eye, my own, not a lass’s, alas.

Seriously though, Dr Kegel is the unsung hero of Olympian ejaculatory virtuosity. Besides having a piece of the ass named after him, he has a reserved table at a Tim Hortons’ doughnut shop in Come By Chance, Newfoundland which has a picture, in gold leaf, of Dr Kegel showing off his BC muscle and with full instructions for it’s practical use and improvement. However, don’t pack your bags too quickly, boy, airfare from Anywhere, England ain’t cheap.

Good luck with those irritatingly persistent standing one-eyes. Sympathies will be pouring in from all across Thunder’s Place once word of your plight leaks out.

This happens to me alot and I just masturbate before I jelq. IMO I think masturbating after jelqing is better for gaining possibly.


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