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New and need advice :

New and need advice :

So some back story: my user name is just an old gaming handle I used to use, nothing special :P. I’m 20 years old, 6ft2in tall, and about 155-160lbs. I’m a relatively in shape guy, in college, with a great girlfriend. However, I have always had issues with my dick and such. I stumbled upon this website a couple of months ago and didn’t take it seriously at first. In October(10-23-12) I decided that I should start PE, to see if it worked. I started off at BPEL:5 6/8in and EG: 4.5in. I did the newbie routine for the whole month and on 11-23-12 I measured again at BPEL: 6in and EG:5in. From what I’ve read a lot of this can be contributed to just having a better EQ, or just mis-measuring at the start since I didn’t know what I was doing. Either way, it was awesome to see some sort of gain. :)

But I do need help. Yes, I am 20 but I’m still living at home, because the costs of college are expensive. It’s a humbling, but cheaper alternative then trying to find another job to pay for rent and school. With the holidays rolling around and my siblings being out of school, and having family members coming and going, I’m having a really hard time trying to find private time to PE. I really enjoy doing this, and I can manage to sneak it in a couple times a week, but not with the consistency that I need for real results. Does anyone have any advice for finding time or ways to PE without attracting the attention of everyone in my house? The only thing I’ve come up with is PEing either early in the morning or late at night. :/ Any help would be much appreciated. If this is in the wrong place then please move it, my apologies.

Piss pulls are an option. You just do a mini stretching routine every time you hit the bathroom. PEing in the shower works as well. To cut down on suspiciously long showers some guys do it right before bed, jelqing in the shower and stretching under the covers.

So a thread title search for Stealth PE for more ideas.

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Some options on private time and peing. First would to be put a lock on your bedroom door, so no one can barge in on you while peing. Second you could look into the ADS (all day stretcher) which would give you some good strecthing hours, without anyone noticing. Depending on how much time you are wanting to exercise, I agree with iamaru, act as if your going to sleep, then do your peing before bed. I too live in a full house and privacy was an issue when I started peing, I think most of it had to do with being paranoid, thinking to myself they know what I’m doing they know what I’m doing. But after awhile that goes away. I got questioned as to why I have a lock on my bedroom door, and I replied a man does certain things that he don’t want no one walking in on, and they laughed at me. But no one has ever tried to walk in on me. Crazy how I don’t care if they think I’m jerking off, but would be embarrassed if they knew I did peing. Hope this helps.


I am doing early morning PE because it feels great as morning ritual and becaus I have all the privacy I need. Although I do not go in stealth mode - Madame knows all and has watched a couple of times too - but I need and want to focus and not get diverted by questions or talking. And since start of this month the daughter has come back from her stage in the UK so I have to be a little bit more discreet than before when it was just Madame and myself in the house.

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