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New and need advice

New and need advice

Hi, new to the forum and I wasn’t sure what to look for exactly so I figured I’d ask for advice firsthand.

I’m slightly familiar with PE exercises. I’ve read briefly about it and I can say I’m definitely not well-versed on the subject. I’ve heard about jelqing and that’s about it.
I’m starting out at 7”x5” and constantly feel like I won’t be enough, though I’m sure for some women it would be just fine. I’m not unrealistic about all of this and don’t expect to be 9”x7” or anything like that eventually. I’d just like to gain maybe .5” - 1” in length and 1” in girth. So I have a few questions that are probably extremely common and annoying for you all, but any answers/advice to help speed up my learning process is appreciated.

1. Being more concerned with increasing girth, what exercises are the best to start with or what are the exercises I should focus on?
2. Is it possible to gain using hand exercises exclusively?
3. I know this is probably the biggest newbie question to ask, but how long does it typically take to notice a slight improvement? I know everyone gains at different rates, and I probably answered my own question but I’m curious about it. Does girth or length gain at different paces?
4. What types of injuries could I potentially face by using PE?

Thanks again and I apologize if these have all been answered before.

No matter what your focus is (length or girth) always always always start with the newbie routine.

Yes it is highly likely you will gain with manual (hand) exercises.

Yes everyone is different. Give it at least six weeks before you decide if it works or not.

Just be careful and you may not have to worry about injuries. That being said, it is easy to over do it. Always warm up and start your workout at a low intensity.

Oh ya, 7x5 is no joke. That’s more than most guys have. You are already above average!

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Originally Posted by allnighter

Yes it is highly likely you will gain with manual (hand) exercises.

? Most guys make thier best gains doing the so called newbie routine. There is nothing ‘newbie’ about it - it is the solid foundatiuon of any PE routine, however advanced.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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