New and just wanted to ask a question about an injury I may have developed

Long story short: I used to use constrict my penis for a cock ring type effect and really enjoyed letting my penis become engorged when I was younger but never got into real “official” PE, probably only because I was lucky enough to be about 8 inches long and 6 in circumference. My penis seemed to get girthier and veinier from using the cockring, however due to either relying on the cockring too much or over-stimulation by porn and mix of anxiety and depression my erections became weak. I stopped using anything like a cockring and abstained as best I could for the past several years and my erection quality returned, even to the point that I was getting unnecessary erections and felt a little out of control. I had developed a very large dorsal vein about as wide as my index finger but it did not seem to really be a problem, I however stopped after feeling what seemed to be injuries similar to what I feel I experienced several days ago, in that I felt a pinching feeling in my vein and began to experience weaker erections.

This vein however is much larger (my superficial dorsal vein I believe) and much more important to my erection quality and has been feeling constricted, like the blood is trying to pulse through but unable and causes slight pain which seems to extend into the pubic area and not simply the base where the injury was. This worries me a lot to say the least. As of now the dorsal vein seems to be just as big or maybe slightly bigger on the base of my penis towards the middle, however at the very bottom of the base where the vein starts where the pinching occurred the vein seems to have shrunk/flattened significantly, it used to be so big at the base that it could be seen even while flaccid and maintained the same width or bigger from the very bottom of the base up to the mid shaft. While I can still get an erection I have to strain much more to maintain it seems (not sure how much is mental but definitely not all of it) as blood seems unable to travel up through this main vein, or at least very, very little blood. At most the vein will bloat up slightly during masturbation but the area where the pinching occurred at the base will not change much at all. And as a result my penis feels less girthy and my erection quality feels significantly weaker, I can still get morning erections but they are not quite the dig a hole in my mattress strong erections I’m used to, they feel weak enough that it scares me into thinking I would have difficulty penetrating. Worse is that I feel a certain pain or pressure as though blood wants to enter but is unable even while I’m am standing or resting and not trying to get erect. And this pressure/pain or general feeling of poor blood flow extends further into the area above my penis where I imagine the vein continues regardless of whether I am sexually stimulated.

To top it off, I recently started biking as I had not exercised recently due to falling into a deep depression following quitting my anxiety meds and I was experiencing rather strong erections likely from breathing better and all the other good stuff from exercise and now it makes it that much more obvious how weak they feel now.

No pictures at the moment but I might be able to take some if requested. There is no visible signs of bruising, just a noticeable flattening/shrinking in the size of the vein at the base.