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New and having a few questions

New and having a few questions

I am new to PE. I always thought that PE is nonsense cause if it really worked then why isn’t it totally popular?
Why does everybody say you cannot make the penis bigger if it actually works?

I have 5 inches erect and my circumference is also about 5 inches.
I’d like more length and also more girth but primarily length.

I’d really like to start with PE but one thing I worry about is safety. I mean if you can really make the penis longer
Then I wonder what happens to the blood vessels and the urethra inside of the penis?! Do they also automatically
Get longer? Can they even get longer? I mean if they get longer then there should be new cell growth but is this even
Possible in adults?
This is a question which really worries me. What if the penis really gets longer but not the blood vessels and the urethra and
Then one day it tears or you get scar tissue? I actually emailed the company which produces Phallosan (penis stretcher) with this
Question and they didn’t even answer!!
This made me even more suspicious. Why don’t they answer? If stretchers really are safe then why can they not reply to my question?

What do you think about stretchers? Could a newbie directly get a stretcher or are exercises better?
The problem is I am not good at routines and don’t have that much discipline. I think that I would rather be able to wear a stretcher 4 hours a day
Than to do PE for 20 minutes every single day.
And with a stretcher I also imagine you cannot do much wrong you just put it on. But when you do PE then you could do something wrong and use too
Much force. This would also worry me. What if I do it wrong and hurt myself?

Or should I get a bathmate? The bathmate would interest me cause I read that it instantly makes the penis bigger for a while. This effect alone would be cool.
But I don’t know if the bathmate is really helpful for permanent gains. Another disadvantage is that you have to fill it with water. What if I don’t want to shower every
Day or make myself wet? I guess if you use the bathmate you always get wet, right?

Anyway, I hope you can help me with some answers. Thanks.

Why shouldn’t growth be possible in adults? Didn’t you know that your ears grow through your whole life time, for example? And you didn’t need to pull tehm.

Ok but do we actually KNOW what happens when somebody does PE and enlarges his penis? Have they ever taken biopsies from the urethra or blood vessels and

Looked at them? What if there is no new cell growth but the tissue only becomes stretched? This would mean that there is a point where it cannot be stretched any further and then

You get tears!

Why do you think blood vessels etc. are more brittle than other things made out of similar material?

I guess if you are worried you should not PE.

Don’t buy any equipment. Even if you decide to PE, you don’t need it immediately, if at all.

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When you cut yourself with a knife doesn’t the wound heals? Even if you cut an artery with fast and proper treatment it heals. Enough said about blood vessels.

Just my thought: if you are too much worried, don’t PE. Mind can see strange things when your mind set is this way.


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