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New and Clueless


Regarding jelqing, there are 2 types - wet and dry jelqing.
The best thing to do is search on this board for those terms to find more info. But dry jelqing being the less talked about thing involves no lube and no *relative* motion between your hand and the skin of your cock. So the skin goes along with your moving hand. I and most people who are uncircumcized prefer this as there’s no lubing/washing hassles and uncut guys have more skin to move along the whole length of the shaft. I have a feeling that dry jelqing is more efficient in terms of pushing blood internally, rather than stretching external penis skin.

Your length of 5.5 is NBPEL (non bone pressed erect length). A better indicator would be BPEL (bone pressed erect length) which is measured by pressing a ruler into the pubic bone (ruler held on top of the penis shaft). Fat guys could have a low NBPEL but high BPEL relative to someone with a 6 pack! Good luck (I need a lot of that)!!

(2. Jelqing - how do you keep from going fully erect due to stimulation. If I understand correctly you shouldn’t be fully erect when jelqing. )

It helps to get into a clinical state of mind. Remember, you are exercising, not getting off. Think about applying proper exercise technique, not “Oh my god, I’m stroking my dick and it feels so good!”. Don’t fixate on the size of your dick while you are exersizing or anything sexual, just be mechanical and methodical. If it starts to get hard, slap it around abit and pull on it, or do some kegels.

As for the state of mind thing… maybe you can relate to this, maybe not, but if I’m having sex in a particularly awkward location or position I have alot of difficulty staying erect. I’m concentrating so hard on just trying to get into a comfortable and mechanically feasible position to perform efficient intercourse that I forget to be turned on. All my attention is on getting the rest of my body to do what it needs to do to make sex work and my dick is totally neglected. This is the state of mind that helps me when I am jelking.

( 3. Hot wrap - Is this as simple as it sounds? Just get a hot cloth and wrap it around your penis to warm it up before jelqing? Also, what the hell is a rice towel? )

I used to use a wash cloth soaked in hot water but it cools down too fast. Now I use the same wet wash cloth, but I also wrap a hot water bottle around that and then wrap a dry hand towel around the water bottle. This maintains the heat for a long time and it even gets hotter the longer you keep it on. just be careful with the heat. Don’t make it too hot to touch, just extra warm. I heat both the wet cloth and the water bottle in the microwave. Its quick and easy.


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