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New, and a few observations.

New, and a few observations.

Hey, I’m relatively new to PE, and really appreciate all the work and confidence you guys have done and continue to bestow on others. A few things I have noticed. I have been PEing for a couple days and my penis does not seem to be hanging “fuller” directly after a workout like many say is typical. Also, when I jelq, at times I feel as if my girth isn’t wide enough, and it feels as if the jelq is ineffective, but this could just be my head. I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues, and I greatly appreciate any advice that you guys might have for a beginner. Thanks a lot. :)

Give it a few more days.

Are you warming up and stretching before jelqing?

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Yes, I have been doing the newbie routine as stated, and as said, I will give it some more time.

It takes some time for you to jelq properly. Only thing I can say is practice makes perfect. Try different style grips and the intensity along with different erection levels and see which work best for you. You say you aren’t hanging fuller. Maybe you slightly over did it ? Take it a bit easier and gradually increase both intensity and reps. :)

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Some days I also feel as if the girth of my penis isn’t enough. It’s like he is about 50% erect, but he in comparison he’s longer than usual, and thinner than usual. Sometimes I can help that, by grabbing my penis and ‘bounce’ it up and down, to allow more blood. And yes I warm up/down for at least 5 minutes, so that can’t be it. Maybe you are a little bit stressed like me, I don’t know man.

Try to concern yourself with trends. If the overall trend is that you are safely gaining size over the weeks (not days) then great. I’d not worry too much about day to day fluctuations, especially when you first start.

I measured my 1 month progress today and had gained 1/4 on all measurements. But I felt it could have been more as my erection wasn’t as hard or big as it’s been on previous day this week. No real reason for this other than I’ve a lot on my mind at the moment. So, don’t worry - just be consistent. :)

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