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I have found a new ADS and want to share this info with our members to see if anyone has tried this product and what results they might seen. This ADS is two 1lb wrist weights that are the size of a cake donut. They are made of a neoprene material and sand, very flexible,and soft. Called SOFTONE I found them at K-Mart in sporting goods. They are so comfortable I can wear them all day and have been wearing them at night while I sleep. I push my dick through the donut hole, then use a thera-P wrist band between the weights and dick head. The effect is a combination of hanging and stretching, very comfortable,although my unit is small,I am able to wear 2 weights with the wrist band. I just started with these, so no results yet, but they are so comfortable I can see using them 24/7. Price 9.99US and they can be found at


I have seen these before and thought about trying them. I had the feeling that they would fall off easily so I didn’t bother. Have you had any problems with them slipping off so far?

I’ve been using wrist (and ankle) weights for a few months now (as described in another thread). I like them because they are comfortable and easy to attach and remove quickly. They’re great for maintaining a stretch after a workout (i.e., anti-turtling-device :-)

The wrist weight I have is small enough to attach on its own. For the larger, heavier ankle weight, any kind of wrap gives me enough extra bulk to keep it on. (I use a velcro’d neoprene strap.) Incidentally, I attach to the head (glans) to get maximum stretch.

My weights are not ‘donuts’, though. Although quite soft and padded, they open and close, with a velcro strap.

Not when I use a Thera-P between the weights and dick head. In fact when I wear 2 weights with the Thera-P the effect is like one of those penis extenders they sell. So you wind up hanging and extending at the same time. The weights back up to the Thera-P and push your dick out, even when you sit down and your unit tends to turtle.

Sorry about this web site I posted, I found these by typing SOFTONE in my search engine. Two to a pack and blue in color,match the color of the Thera-p.

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