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Never thought.

Never thought.

Hello all, my first post here. :)

2 years ago, when I was 16 years old. I accidentally ran into this website, I thought it was just a lil’ joke at that time. But I kept reading and found out that people here actually gain!
Some have gained .5” and others have gained well over 2”. :O

I’ve been sceptical at first but I just decided to give it a try..
Well, After roughly 2 weeks of jelqing and stretching I can see a big difference in Girth already!
My member seems alot healthier and alot fatter!

I didn’t really measure my stats before jelqing but I knew from measurements 1 year ago I’ve got about
7 1/2+/-” in length. I’ve never really measured my Girth because at that time I thought it wasn’t really important.

I’ll do my first measurement in 2 weeks, But I can already tell I’ve grown 2/8” in Girth or even more!
My member even begins to look smaller in length because of the girth increase! :D

It just makes me more motivated and I’ll certainly won’t stop before I reach my goal.
8” EL 6” EG. :)

Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi. :)



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