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Never let it turtle

Never let it turtle

Just been through a couple of hours of reading here and I have a few questions that I couldn’t really find an answer for.

First of I was wondering if anyone knows of a thread with detailed information on all the various accessories used with PE, especially the ones mentioned in BG’s thread like clamps, thera bends, rings, stretchers? One thread that contains info on them all probably doesn’t exist but if it does and I just can’t find it it’ll be great if someone pointed me in the right direction (I’m looking for something detailed, even with pictures if possible since a lot of the English names for various items don’t mean much to me here cause they probably have different names over here, and sometimes I don’t fully understand the general descriptions).

Second, about that never letting it turtle approach, I was wondering how many actually manage to keep that up? I usually try to keep myself mildly stimulated all day long so I won’t shrink cause I do feel that interrupts my growing but I do have one big problem with it, I swim as a workout, roughly 30 minutes for about 3-4 days a week, and as you probably know during that time in the cold swimming pool things tend to shrivel, so.. How bad is it if for 30-45 minutes I’m totally shrunk, and is there any way to avoid it without giving up swimming?

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