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Never happy.


Originally Posted by darkreign
Supersizeit. So it’s never going to be concrete enough to stop at any point?

Right! It is my personal belief through my own experiences (others may say differently) that you can never completely stop. You will have to maintain at least a minimum amount per week ( lets say 15-20 min) i.e. what many refer to as a maintenance program for life.

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


I’ll echo SSI on the girth statements. My wife is in her glory because of my girth gains. My length isn’t impressive but it is long enough for her (she is shallow), but she can’t get over how thick it feels now (that’s only after a gain of about 5/8 in girth). SHe asked me how big I can get. I told her I was trying for 6 inches around and her eyes lit up. Seeing her reaction to it makes me want 6.5. :D

EDIT: Just changed my signature to reflew my new girth goal. :D You always want more.


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Originally Posted by haqss
Quick question for XL whats it like having that giant girth? I wanna know what your wife/girlfriends do when you go at it can they take that much girth, or do the go wild for it?

I have to go in half-erect most times. It depends on what girl you’re with. They do like it when it balloons up inside them, but you have to be careful making sure they are “broken in” before really pounding it. It would be more painful than pleasurable if you don’t.

Originally Posted by JumboDog
Super, XL, I tried looking for your PE routines and came up nothing on a search. Do you mind pointing me in the right direction?

I’ve listed several of my routines in posts and in PMs to close forum friends. Like SSI pointed out, what worked for him and I might not work for you at all, and more than that, you might not be ready for the things we did to achieve those gains. PE is about experimentation. Finding out what works best for you, and applying it. You keep experimenting until you find the “sweet spot”, which is the best routine for you yielding you the most gains possible. No one can tell you what that is. Just be careful in doing so. :)

Originally Posted by supersizeit
Sex is ALWAYS better when you have more girth. Length delivers Girth and Girth delivers Length. You need both however woman may not be able to accomodate too much length but they seem to be able to accomodate more girth. I pushed the limits when I was 7 inches girth because many woman said it was not pleasureable (even with lots of lube)
I concluded that 6-6.5 girth is the max anyone should have. ( some exceptions of course-I speak in general terms)
I say 99% of all the women I have had sex with became sex addicts/nymphos with me.
Its hard for me to say things like that because Im a pretty modest guy and I dont like to brag but you asked and Im telling you the truth! I think 8x6 is the ticket and always will be the ticket if you are looking for an ideal size for sex.

SIZE IS VERY IMPORTANT IN PLEASING A WOMAN but its not the only thing there is in pleasing her. I wont list all the other things due to to time constraints but if you have a good size, then I would say you are more than halfway there already.

You dont know how many times I had sex with a woman and they are crying hysterically afterwards after they cum really hard and intense and Im wondering what the hell did I do wrong? Then I find out they are tears of joy because they never realized how powerful and overwhelming making love could be. I dont attribute all of this to size but I know for a fact the size is definitely a big part of that equation.

Its not unusual for me to be with a woman that had a history of not cumming with past lovers and not long after dating me she is cumming 7 to 10 times inside of 30 minutes, screaming and hollaring with total abandon as if no neighbors existed.

One woman even hated me because she loved sex with me so much and that made her feel that I had too much power over her. She said that I was like fucking drug that she could not break free from and she said that she always thought sex was such an over-rated activity until she met me. She was also a married woman! She was obsessed with me and wanted me strictly for the sex but hated me for allowing herself to want sex with me so badly. After many many attempts she finally broke free one day when I made her cum so wildly that it made her really angry with me. I told her go back to your husband and make a life and please dont come back. I never saw or heard from her again.

That’s my boy! :D

For those of you that think that size will make you a sex God, you’re wrong. It can help, but you have to have the know how in order to please your S.O. SSI makes a good point in the above post, so pay attention.

I can’t wait till I reach my EL goal so I can do EG work. I so want a 6.5eg to make them scream. Won’t it be great when I can’t get in when fully erect :P


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