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Netlle extract/dht/ballooning??

Netlle extract/dht/ballooning??

I’ve read that one of the ways edging and ballooning can increase dick size is by increasing DHT leading to dick growth.

I used to over-masturbate a lot and got really bad hair loss, when I cut down the hair loss improved. So, I do believe that being in a state of near ejaculation for long periods does definately increase DHT.

Anyway due to this hair loss I’ve been taking Nettle extract which helps prevent conversion of testosterone to DHT but does increase free testosterone which should lead to greater libido, health and sexual health.

So, anybody reckon taking this nettle will hinder any gains?

Also, as much as I want a big dick I don’t want to be bald, so I’m wondeing whether to not do balloning, edging at all, though I’m sure they work well and are enjoyable, especially now that I am not masturbating and am cutting down on ejaculations.

Any thoughts here?

DHT only helps your dick grow if you’re in puberty. It doesn’t work for adults.

Did you do anything except cut back on masturbation when your hair loss decreased? There might have been another reason.

Jelqing and manual stretching work for most guys. Have you had any gains with those methods?

Well actually I was heavily into bodybuilding as well, all natural though. I used to eat 6 meals a day, protein, power shakes etc, this made me so horny I used to do PE for 45mins most days and masturbate for maybe up to 6 hours most days. NO wonder I was losing my hair…and my mind. I cut out the bodybuilindg and PE as going bald freaked the sh*t out of me. Horniness reduced but I had built up a porn addiction so frequency of masturbation did reduce but not fully. Since, then my hair and skin(acne) has been better but my erections have been weaker and some dysfunction and much less sex drive and more depression.

Ideally, I could get back into the BB and PE and not get hair loss problems. My plan is to restart but take some supps like nettle and some other ones. As much as I don’t want to go bald I felt so much better mentally, sexually and physically when I used to bodybuild.

Anyway, if DHT dosen’t affect growth that’s good to know. I’ll need to try and reduce it. Thanks


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