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Nervous Newbie

Nervous Newbie

I’ve always believed that I had a small penis and after browsing around the net for a bit it turns out I was right :( measuring in below average at exactly 5 inches at 22 years old, at least I have an easy number to start with :rolleyes: Not letting it get me down I decided that I need to do something to improve myself and I found my way here. I haven’t done anything yet and frankly I”m scared of hurting my best friend.

My goal if at all possible is getting to 8 which seems to be the magic number here. Is that something that can really happen. If it is, about how long will it to get there or notice any gain at all, so I don’t give up to soon?

From what I’ve seen so far the best way to get started is to fallow The How To Jelq thread. After reading through it the only part I don’t understand is the kegel. Eventhough it mentions kegels several times it never says how to do them :spin2:

If anybody has some words of advice or encouragement please post. Well time to go Las Vegas is on and I just love Nikki wants my Cox :chuckle:

Hey Maxtro,

I’m pretty new at this too, but I’ve done a hell of a lot of reading across Thunder’s and other places. Whenever you get stuck on something try a search, it’ll usually bring up a myriad of threads, pretty much everything here has been discussed and rediscussed ad infinitum.

As for the kegel, this is a contraction of the BC (not PC, but that’s another topic entirely) muscle. Go for a pee, stop mid flow, the muscle you are squeezing is the BC muscle. Building this muscle can do fantastic things for you, but as with everything it takes time so be patient.

My first suggestion would be do a lot of reading. This is a good place to start:
The most often asked and annoying questions!

The guys here are very friendly and really helpful, but they can get a bit pissed if you ask questions that have been answered a thousand times. It’s understandable, but I also understand that sometimes when you are in a new place it helps to have someone show you the way and give a bit of advice. I just hope I can get this finished before someone attacks! (only joking guys!).

Anyway, if you want any help just let me know and I’ll either do what I can or point you in the right direction, sometimes that’s all you need.

Good luck with the gains and remember, be patient.


Thanks Lordbase for the help.

I”m really amazed at all the info here, I guess I should have throughly researched more before I made my thread. I’m sorry for annoying anybody if I did.

Its ok maxtro, just never let it happen again :D .

(JK, I honestly pissed atleast one person off every post I made for my first 7 posts..)

GL with your gains and welcome to Thunders.

TGC Theory | Who Says The Penis Isn't a Muscle?

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Unforunately 10 min has passed and I can’t edit my 2nd post.

Anyways the thread Asian Question is bascily the same thread I made. I guess I should have read that, eventhough I’m white….Oh well.

But remember, start it nice and easy, then u can get up in your workout fast, this is all about stay sharp in the PE program to see some great results!!


Originally Posted by Maxtro
Thanks Lordbase for the help.

I”m really amazed at all the info here, I guess I should have throughly researched more before I made my thread. I’m sorry for annoying anybody if I did.

No problems,

I’ve been here reading and posting for two weeks now. I probably spend 3-4 hours a day reading old threads and posts and everyday I find new stuff of interest. Two good threads for a bit of motivation are:
Bib’s History
Bib’s history
Collected wisdom from the vets.
Collected wisdom from the vets and good gainers

Happy reading.


I would say start by finding out what your LOT is, by reading Bib’s LOT Theory. Once you know that, it will let you know what you should be stretching, the ligs or the tunica for length gains. Secondly I would start with doing some manual stretches until you feel comfortable with everything.

Eventually as I learned, you will want to get into hanging, that is really the best way to gain length IMO, after several years of manual stretching.

Don’t give up on that goal of 8 inches, I started at around 4 inches or so and now I am getting pretty close to 7. Anyway, welcome to Thunders! There is a lot of great information, and even greater people. Just remember to vote for twatteaser when he runs for president. (Okay, I was not bribed to write that, I swear.)

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Welcome to T’s Place. First off let me say you’ve got three things going for you.
One: You are young, plenty of time to work on that five incher, we’ll help you.
Two: You’re cautious. You want a bigger dick but don’t want to hurt yourself or damage what you have. Very good, safe PE is the best PE.
Three: You’ve stumbled across this forum, which is the best PE source on the Internet. Looks as if you have already done some lurking. Keep it up. We have a really good search engine, make use of it. Start with a wildcard search on the word kegal: * kegal *
Before jumping into any heavy routines, read. Read everything, especially anything by the vets here and the big gainers: After reading all the sticky threads in the Newbie Forum you might want to start with Bib, who is without a doubt the absolute authority on hanging, read all his threads *Bib* Find your LOT. Westla and Avocet8 are likewise probably your best sources for pumping info: Again, search and read.
We have doctors, engineers, poets and dreamers here all with a common goal and the comradery is infectious. There is a vast stockpile of knowledge here gathered from around the world. Whether it is learning what NOT to do from some unfortunate individual who has injured himself with an overzealous workout: or perhaps tuning in on some of the latest untested theories from the collective scientific mind here which is forever consumed with finding the next breakthrough into this new realm of self improvement. I recommend you read anything Wadzilla has to offer and members like Tube, who dares to push the envelope and stay on the cutting edge of new ideas. Anyway you look at Thunders Place, for the buck it is the best show in town.

Good luck

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No Nukes

Well today was my first day of PEing and I pretty much fallowed the newbie routine but not with out some mishaps. The first bad thing that happened was that I started a fire. Fallowing the heat wrap thing I put rice in a sock, tied it up and stuck it in the microwave. A few seconds later the twist-tie caught fire! Thus I learned to twist the sock after I put it in the microwave. The second mishap was during Jelqing my pubic hair kept getting in my way and I was pulling it along with my movements. I could only go on for 5 min until I just got fed up. So I ended up giving my self a trim. Now my hair won’t get in my way anymore and my nether region simply looks better than before. I’m surprised that shaving or at least trimming isn’t suggested in the newbie FAQ’s.

I read though Bib’s LOT Theory but I didn’t understand it, mainly the tug back part. Is that when you do the kegel and the area that connects the penis to the abdomen sinks in on each kegel? Are there any pictures or videos so I can know what to look for? The reason I”m asking is cause I can feel and see the sinking at every angle including pointing straight down. I think I’m doing something wrong.

Yeah, most guys don’t realize that simply trimming pubs short adds amost two inches to flaccid hang.

Sounds like you understand LOT okay. Also sounds like your is pretty low. You’ll probably want to start with tunicia work. Hang over the shoulder (OTS) When you feel you’ve conditioned your dick enough with manual stretches and jelqing, PM me and I’ll tell you how to set up a cheap pully system.

Don’t burn the house down. Heating pads are cheap. Battery operated hunter’s socks work well also. (Wal-marts)


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes


>Is that when you do the kegel and the area that connects the penis to the abdomen sinks in on each kegel?<

No, that is not it. In fact, what you are seeing is probably the LIGS reacting to the PC flex. IOW, you are seeing the interruption of the PC flex by the ligs. The outer shaft is where the tugback should be seen. When the outer shaft no longer tugs back, as you move the stretch angle down, that is your LOT. When you see the ligs flexing, it means the tugback has already been superceeded by the ligs.


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