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Hello Everyone,

I want to thank those of you who are encouraging and guiding, spending time to support your bros and knit a community.

This topic has most likely been addressed many times over, including in the introduction to PE in this site. My apologies if this seems like a rant - which it is.

I’ve been on and off of PE several years without ever being consistent enough to make noticeable gains. Through this site I’ve finally learned to trust PE. I’ve been working at it for a few months with minimum gains, but from what I’ve read, it’s just consistent work, including continuous monitoring and adjustment. Patience will pay.. And this is all for another thread.

Negativity really doesn’t help. It really can’t. How can it? Am I insecure about my size? Maybe. I’m average. All ladies I’ve been with have been satisfied as I am a mature, caring partner - hell, I’m an eff’ing great catch. I used to be much more insecure about my size, as are most of us dudes. But information has been my friend; continued research has eased my mind. A positive attitude also has gone a long ways.

I’ve read so many threads with peeps in my shoes- they’re here for self improvement. And yes, size may add or subtract from my overall confidence. But, I know that using words like “pathetic” isn’t helpful.

If my self image is so low that I call my cock “pathetic,” no amount of PE is going to bring about lasting contentment and balance (I’m sure some will call BS on this. The fact that there are some with a 7”er that still refer to their members in a negative tone is evidence). True change takes time and dedication in all areas of life. This includes molding one’s self image - big shlong or not.

There are many people that believe that our thoughts influence events - that negativity and fear brings about negative and fearful events. Whether this be true, I would like to suggest that those of us who look down at their crotch in frustration learn to look down in gratitude. Gratitude that the member works and isn’t sick with cancer. That you can get off. That you have the time and freedom to do PE. That we can take a hot shower afterwords. If at the very least, less frustration and negativity will clear the mind to build better routines, pay closer attention to internal and external indicators, and in my case, make PEing an enjoyable adventure in a good life rather than a struggle to make life better.

And lastly, I firmly believe that confidence is the greatest afrodisiac and brain the biggest sex organ.

Sorry if I sound like a cocky jerk. I’m really a nice guy - promise.

You say you have been doing PE for some years with no results. due to inconsystency.

So It is that you need to change.

Have you followed any sort of programme?

If not - Now is your chance to be consistent. The Newbie Program is at the top of thefirst page here. So have a go at that and do it consistently

And see how you do in the first month.

Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

I hear you.

I joined some time ago in 2003 (I don’t know why my signature says 2005), and didn’t really have a routine until the last few months which is when I have made the gains I’ve made. Since the beginning I’ve known this to be mainly a psychological struggle for me rather than a physical one, with that ever consistent thought in the back of my mind of whether I’m doing this “to make life better” or as an “enjoyable experience”. I humbly think we’d all like the latter. If I had two magical pills, one giving me an 8x6” cock and the other letting me be satisfied with what I had I’d probably pick the latter.

Some say this isn’t for everyone but I say it can be with with what’s provided here. This place allows a person to tackle the situation physically and for those who are stronger mentally, there’s that route too. The point is we have the choice. Many, myself included, choose to go down both paths.

May your journey, PE or not, be full of discovery and satisfaction.

Size is little more than a controllable perception without an accurate means of measurement.

Whoa, I wish I had a bit more time to respond to this post. It’s something that I have intimate knowledge of. Self esteem and self image.

Let me sum it up briefly. I was in a 20 year marriage, 4 boys, 1 dog, new house, 2 new cars, everything a man could hope for. The marriage was loveless and sexless. I was miserable. I had a very low self esteem, thought I was ‘small’ and not a very good lover.

I stared PE during the ending of my marriage, I thought a bigger dick would make her want and love me. Yeah right.

1 year after separation. I am now in a relationship that gives me back everything I put into it, and more. A wonderful lady who is truly my soul mate (if you asked me a year ago if soul mates existed, my answer would have been emphatically NO). I am confident that I am one of the best lovers that she has had, not because she tells me but because I feel it. We also ‘play’ in the Lifestyle (some people crassly refer to this as ‘swinging’), I have no confidence issues or self esteem issue whatsoever. Why?

It has some to do with her, but MOST IMPORTANTLY I had the time to learn and accept that I AM A GOOD PERSON and a great lover, regardless of the size my my tool. Too many guys boil sex down the tool size, it’s much more than that.

Many guys have not been lucky enough to find someone who is able and willing to RECEIVE what you have to GIVE. That can kick the hell out of your self esteem. Once you find that you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I still PE, but it’s only for ME. Yes she knows about it and supports it. I actually showed her my PE gear less than a month after meeting her, but that’s for another story :)

Posting 'newbie' but 2+ year lurker and PEer.

Start: ~6" BPEL, ~5" MSEG (If I remember correctly) Now: 7.25" BPEL, 5.25" MSEG (After an 8 month break) GOAL: I'll be finished when I'm done.

*** ALWAYS mind your PI's and EQ's :) *** PE takes knowledge, time, and commitment. If you can't do that, you can't PE. ***

I’ve got a routine now. It’s in need of some fine tuning, but I’m sure I’ll get a hang of it, especially with this site and support :D


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