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Negative PSI: No morning wood

Negative PSI: No morning wood


I read the thread on positive and negative physiological strain indicators and have since taken attention to these signs in my PE routine. However, I’m starting to get a little worried.

I’ve been doing this for 2-3 weeks now. When I first started PE, the next day my penis felt like it belonged to a porn star. Every morning and evening I would get rock-hard erections. This continued for the first few days, and unfortunately being a typical newbie on the third or fourth day I overdid my kegel exercises big-time! I became over-confident and did something like 500 short reps, and about 50 reps of 30 sec holds. At the time I found it easy to do and enjoyable. The next morning I woke up with partial wood and a massive feeling or soreness between my balls and anus.

I took a couple of days rest, have been going easy on the kegels but continue with the rest of my PE routine.

Problem is, one week on I’m able to do my kegels as easily as before (I am doing a newbie routine and typically do 100 short reps, 40 reps of 10 secs), but I’m still not getting my morning or evening wood!?

I don’t know if I should take a complete 1 week break from PE and kegels to see if I get my morning wood back OR continue because my penis feels fine with continuing on my current routine. All other PSI signs are fine.

Any tips on what I should do? How I can get my woody back?



1. I have checked the plumbing, and everything works. I can get an erection in the morning, I just need to stroke it. However, I miss simply waking up to a natural wood in the mornings.

2. When I do develop an erection though, it subsides after about 30 secs into a flaccid state. Having trouble keeping it rock hard.

3. I have had a cold over the last 1-2 weeks which I seem unable to get rid of. Is this maybe temporarily weakening my immune system / sexual functioning?

Maybe the cold was the cause of this? Try these to help, continue the routine but do not do the kegels to see if it helps or stop PEing for a week and a half or so to give your dick a rest.

Hope this helps, good luck.


Building up your routine slowly and only adding to it as gains slow is the answer. If you suddenly ramp up the amount you are doing, you will get negative PI’s. Stick to 2 on, 1 off and add kegels slowly. If you have been over-training, lay off the kegels for a few days and reduce the intensity of your jelqing until your morning wood comes back. Then add the kegels back and build them up slowly.

The cold won’t have helped.

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