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Negative PIs

Negative PIs

Hey Guys,

The problem is that there are periods when I have really strong positive PIs. I mean bigger and fuller flaccid all day, night wood, morning sometimes (never had strong morning wood), erections last longer and firmer etc.

Then, with no change in my routine, every ting change totally and I am experiencing negative PIs.

What do you think might be the cause of this state? I wonder that maybe it is mental?

Don’t know what to think but definitely have to do something because it is really discouraging..

Thanks for input and advices!


The mind is a terrible thing to taste


Most likely just overworked at the time you are experiencing negative PI’s. Then when you recoop and repair you are experiencing the positive ones. How many days off are you giving yourself? And are these negative PI’s coming after a rigorous workout?

There are so many non PE things that can affect PIs too. Stress? Lack of sleep? Diet? Exercise? And so on. Can any of these come into play? I’m not saying, don’t look at your PE regime, but it is only one thing that can have an effect on you.

I got the same exact thing. And it is confusing as the negative PIs can be inflicted by so many other non-PE relateded things. I think the question is; is it dangerous to continue even when you’re experiencing temporary negative PIs while doing your rutine? Can a reduced EQ become permanent this way?

Is it dangerous? Perhaps… I don’t want to worry you unnecessarily but if you have negatives PIs, even if they are temporary, try and get to the bottom of them and remedy them at the cause.

One of the great things about PE is the learning about the way you can get feedback from your body. If there is something wrong, you can implement changes that allow you to get healthier results before you gain long term injuries. Don’t push yourself if you are unsure about your PIs.

Try reading Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth! which has many useful facts and is always linked to on the front page.

Thanks for replies!

In my case there could be few things causing this state.
Recently I am on CKD diet but in the past I had a good time, I mean positive PIs on it.
Maybe I should take some supplements..

In case of the rest days I think there are sufficient because I give myself at least 1-2 days between girth workouts.

The main problem is probably stress but this is not that simple to overcome. I am trying to leave behind my very long past relationship and there so many negative feeling, including insecurity, connected with it.

Summarising recently I have to focus what is best for me, less is more routine or the more intense one.

Girth workouts till know was like this:
- 10 min pumping,
- 2 - 3 x 10 min clamping sessions with jelqing in between,
- 5 - 10 min ballooning / edging.

Now I throw out clamping for a while.

The mind is a terrible thing to taste


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In my case, too much masturbation (daily masturbation) gives me bad negative PI’s because my penis get more tired with all the PE workout and viceversa, but when I reduce masturbation to only on rest days and maybe only one time on PE days because otherwise I will be very horny and will be difficult to PE when I stretch, when I do this I get positive PI’s, like daily morning woods, which I like a lot :) , also better erection quality and so on.

This is something I have tested somehow, I think is about to have a balance to stimulate my hormones and increase my sexual desire which helps a lot in these cases, but I could be wrong.

Just my 2 cents.

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