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Negative pi stretching is killing me

Negative pi stretching is killing me

I need length much more than width , I am seeing some results jelqing in width. But what I need is length and every time I stretch I get very negative seems to shrivel up, I don’t stretch too hard have tried that ,tried v stretch left,right and I get pullback at almost all the way down the lot clock, so I tried upward stretching/.nothing. What am I doing wrong what exactly should the stretch feel like /where/ negative pi kills me I need help my brothers.

Try the newbie routine a while then look into hanging. I know it sounds strange and when I first started PE I said no way am I going to hang weight from my member but it’s the best way to get lenght and it stays. You need to do the newbie routine for a while to get conditioned. I did the manual excesses for a year then hit a plateau. I could not get over the 7” mark in length. I looked to hanging and read all I could. After just 3 months of hanging I went over the 7” mark and still climbing. Some guys here have had good results with stretching but it didn’t work all that well for me. I have gained so far since I have been doing PE is over 1”.

When you jelq, try to stay at 50-60% erect and jelq down. This will help in length also.


Just do the standard manual pulls for now. Forget the V-stretches and all. Do you warm up at all? It may be a good idea for you to do that. Try a heatpad (very low heat setting) or a cup of warm water or something. After your warm up start with very light stretches and work up to pulling harder. Never pull till you feel pain, you just want to get a good stretch. Pull till you can’t stretch anymore then go a millimeter farther. But agian, you should not feel pain, minor discomfort at the most. Even that I would be careful of. I think it should feel good to you. Hope this helps. Keep it up and don’t lose hope. It will work out just give it time.


When stretching, I grip behind the glans. I’ve read your supposed to grip 1 inch behind not sure though. By the way, what is “PI”. Thanks.

Normally, PI is 3.14159 …

In the current context, however, PI is an acronym for “physiological indicators.” Try the search function to find Sparkyx’s post on this subject.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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