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Negative PI as an indicator of progress

Negative PI as an indicator of progress

Hi guys,

I’ve been noticing something with myself over the past few months and also as I’ve been reading on the forums here and I thought I’d ask the question; Do the negative PIs that I receive after a tough workout mean that I made progress during that workout? If I get positive PIs after the workout, does that mean that I did not make progress? I’ve heard of people who have experienced and have experienced myself not being able to get it up after a particularly tough day stretching; is that something I should be worried about? If I can’t get it up a few hours later and, more significantly, if I don’t get morning wood the next day, am I doing something wrong? Or does it mean that I’m doing something right? I’ve found myself almost being disappointed when I get morning wood, thinking I could have done more the previous night.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that I get negative PIs for long, usually just a day. I’ll work hard, fail to get morning wood the next day, and then the following day I get a raging hard ice pick in my bed. I’m talking about temporary negative PIs.


I’ve always had serious gains after a period of negative PI’s, meaning something was being over done, weakened, etc.

I know about the sparkyx TGC theory, of maintaining positive PI’s.

I do not want to give advice here, because I don’t want to have anyone get hurt.

I always found “red dots” to be a sign of growth. They are generally considered to be a negative P.I. though. I think it all comes down to knowing your own dick. Loss of wood and fatigue might be signs for your particular penis that you are gaining.

Don’t go overboard, the risk isn’t worth it. In the end, you have to gauge your own safety and be responsible for it.

This isn’t reverse psychology.

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