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Need to know weight of water jug

Need to know weight of water jug

If someone could help me out, just started hanging, and I need to know the weight of a filled water jug, Would really appreciate it, I have no way of weighing it. Thanks everyone

lol, if you’re talking about something like a gallon of milk jug, then somehting about that size would generally be around 8 to 8 1/2 pounds of weight.

If the jug size is more or less then a gallon then look at the label on the jug and look for the fluid ounce (fl oz.) size. 16 fluid ounces = approximently 1 pound, so simply take the amount of fluid ounces you find on the jug and divide that number by 16 to get the amount of pounds of weight.

I actually started out hanging about a year ago with this same method of hanging jugs of water from milk and juice containers. ;)

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Sweet thanks friend!

No problem. :)

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought fluid ounces are different than regular ounces.

Originally Posted by KillIt
Correct me if I am wrong but I thought fluid ounces are different than regular ounces.

No, I see what you are saying. 16 ounces (not fluid ounces) = 1 pound. The reason why I gave this answer is because everytime I searched google in the past when I was beginning hanging I got answers from many websites saying 16 fluid ounces also = 1 pound. Of course this isn’t perfectly true. For one you have to take into account the different liquid densities to get a more close weight estimate; nevertheless, the guideline suggested for seems good enough to me.

It’s like measuring your dick. Until he switches over to solid matter for hanging weight it doens’t really matter how he is measuring the weight as long as it is a close approximation and you stick to the same way you measured each time. ;)


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