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Need tips on jelqing

Need tips on jelqing


I’ve started PE-ing following the newbie routine for a month now. Just wanted to ask from the experienced PE-ers about their small tips on how they jelq. Because from the faqs, it says that jelqing at a downward angle is helpful at increasing the length. Is it really true?

Thanks in advance!

It’s really one of those things that you have to try out for yourself..

Jelqing is a routine for increasing the length more than the girth. It happens that way because you are putting more pressure on the ligaments in a lengthwise direction../

So it will tend to put more pressure if you do it in a downward direction because it is a natural movement and the position your hand is in while jelqing your penis will normally be greater that way.

Perhaps some guys who do a lot of lifting will hve a natural tendency to use more pressure when jelqing in an upward movement.

It could even be influenced by the way you feel that day

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Try using an upside-down OK grip and pull downward from midway on your shaft so that the glans area of your penis balloons. Hold this stretch for several seconds and you’ll notice that your unit looks and feels meatier. Good! Now let the blood go away from your penis before you continue jelqing so that you avoid injuring yourself. I would recommend focusing on an amount for these exercises rather than a certain number of repititions. This will help you focus on the quality of your stretches and again avoid injury. Good luck!


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