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Need Some Newbie Advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ive just started hanging and jelqing as follows:

5 - 10 min jelg

40 mins hang with 5lbs and 5 min break after 20 mins

Im using a converted hose clamp with padding similar to the one on the Tom Hubbard classic site.

Noticed no real changes in the first 2 weeks although I dont expect anything so quickly. I intend to give it 4 - 6 mths to gain if I dont get any joy I will ditch the idea.


1, Is this a fair time scale to judge the efficacy for me?

2, Can anybody recommend a good way to hang 10 - 15lbs? I tried a brief 5 min stint at 10lb and it was pretty painful on my dick

I dont want to spend much more time doing this otherwise it will take over my life and for me to consistently do the exercises I think an hour is ample to get some result. If I dont see a result from 1 hr doing to is unlikely to change a great deal in my view and will either accept my dick which is a good size now or consider surgery.

I really appreciate the help and opinions


You should expect to see gains within the first month or two. They may be small but should be noticable. Ensure you have a good starting measurment.

A lot of hangers seem to jelq after hanging. Mainly I think this is because after a good jelqing session its more uncomfortable to hang a reasonable weight.

You don’t mention warmups or rest days. I assume you have that under control.

If you’re serious about hanging and have the cash buy the commercial bib hanger. If you don’t have the cash consider a homemade bib hanger. These should carry the weights you want to hang.

There are some horror stories about surgery (especially length surgery), if you are willing to spend an hour a day for 1-2 years you will see results. Check through the old posts, look through the hangers forum for new ideas.

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