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Need some help

Need some help

Hi I’m 22 years old and I’m on campus living for 4 years and just met a girl and were in a sexual relationship.

We have sex a few times and she love’s how thick my dick is (just over 5 inches girth) but my length is just

Average at 6 inches. She also likes to stroke my dick and make it cum somethimes I cum more and other times


My question is there anything to do to gain more intense orgasims or cum flow

And also gains some extra length down there

Are there herb pills that can help

And is it normal for her to wanna suck and bite balls and she even wanted to finger

My ass

Welcome to the forum. One of the best resources you have available to you is the :search: function.

Re: “normal”, who’s to say? Do you enjoy her sucking and biting your balls? Do you enjoy ass play? If you both find it enjoyable where’s the problem? Consider yourself lucky that you have a girl who isn’t afraid to experiment and seems to enjoy pleasuring you.

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