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Need some help with starting up on PE

Need some help with starting up on PE

Hi, I’m Fish, and I was just wondering how to start with PE, I don’t wanna overdo it at the very beginning..

So I’m about 2 inches length when flaccid and 5ish when erect, girth is about,,,uh, I dunno, how do you measure girth? Do you need to be erect? Or do you just slap a measuring tape around it? Anyway, I havent done much in the way of PE before, besides Jelqs and stretches and.. Well, does masturbation count? I’ve seen LOTS of different exercises and a lot of them are soooo in depth and have so many things to do before and after like dampened warm cloths for two minutes before and after and “you should shave first” and all sorts of inane things. But do you really have to do that? I just want to start out on length length length, and a bit of girth would be good. Please help.. O.O

There’s a “standard” newbie routine that is recommended for beginners,

You measure girth by using a tape measure or a piece of string that you simply wrap evenly around the middle of the shaft lengthwise. If you use a string, just measure the string afterwards to get the measurement. An erect measurement is called erect girth (or EG), an flaccid measurement is called flaccid girth (or FG).

Here’s an example of an EG measurement with a tape measure:

No masturbation doesn’t count but have you checked out edging or ballooning? Do a search.

You don’t need to shave, it’s just personal preferences and practical advices. You don’t even need to warm up and down, it’s just a recommendation, although a good one. It prevents injuries and some claim it helps gains. Personally I only do warm ups, but I’m a bit lazy. :)

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