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Need some help and advice.

Need some help and advice.

Hmm well its been a week now and i enjoy doing this, a few questions.

When do you think I can start hanging? is it worth starting this early?

What are some girth specific excersies?

And Im not sure if im jelqing right..I lube up using vasoline slide one hand from the base up to the head and before letting go I grip the base again with the other hand and slide it towards the head and let go of the other hand as i get right next to it.

Welcome to Thunders, Overdaedge.

I think anyone can hang as soon as they’d like and are ready to start, being cautious ofcourse.

Girth-specific would be jelqing, atleast that’s how it is for me. I jelq w/lube anywhere from 40%- 95% as slow as I can (5 - 7 seconds.) Another would be squeezes. My favorite is gripping the base with as tight a grip as possible and a loose grip behind the head at 50-80% erection and pushing the two sides together 10 times (1 full second each) Hope this helps.

And it does sound like you’re doing your jelqing right.

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hey guys,im new here,first i wanted to say hello,and also that I agree with new,jelqing is great for girth,I used to have a problem with jelqing with lubes though,it felt too good,now I use some anal-eeze to or some other stuff that mildly desensitizes you then a silcone based to lube to jelq,i can get far more in since i dont get too “happy” and have top take breaks,this might work for some of you,i also found a need toy about a year ago called the power jelq,it can tottally be made at home but for the price it was worth it,its like a two sided foam coated roller that makes things nice and easy,and you can go for much longer with out feeling liek youre getting but i have gained a full inch in girth since ive been jelqing.twoez

how much do you jelq twoez?

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In responce to overdaedge, I am currantly jelqing 1-2 times per day for approximately 20 minutes at a time with no breaks.I sometimes can jelq longer but I need to take breaks in between.

In responce to westla90069,I do appologize for making it difficult to understand my posts,I will certainly try to make it easier,I am often working as I am reading,and I type rather quickly,twoez


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