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Need Some Answers

Need Some Answers

I can get a hard erection quick during sex but after the first ejaculation, the 2nd and 3rd one always hard. Can I do something about this or I’m just stuck this way

I think most men are this way. I would suggest kegeling and increasing your level of fitness, both factors when it comes to recovering quicker from the first orgasm.


I’ve noticed that most of your threads are titled something like “Why” or “Quick question”. If you title your thread based off of your question, it will help others who have the same question because it will come up more easily in a search. I Doubt this thread will be seen by many people in the future.

Also, thanks for the info spacedude. You learn something new every day!

This is normal. The recovery time always takes longer and longer with each orgasm. Same with masturbation, which I assume you have done before.

Jelq, ADS, repeat.

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I believe this is called the refractory period. I also think it varies from man to man and for me it’s never the same amount of time from first, second, etc. I’ve had times that the second time and third were quick and in others it took more rest.

I’m not sure if you can decrease the period.

I call it the re-spawn time. I find every successive ejaculation requires a longer re-spawn time. For example after my first I get back up to a full erection in about 4 minutes second in 6-7 third in 9-11 fourth in around 15.

Just forget about it, it’s ok. Some women will keep you hard for five times, some others won’t be able to get it up once.

If it is an issue for you, try Viagra.

Perseverance wins

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