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Need some advice

Need some advice

I recently started going out with a really hot girl. Trouble is, she is very experienced sexually, and I consider myself a virgin. When I was 15 or so, Me and another girl tried having sex, but it was too painful for her. I have had oppurtunities with many girls, but I always panic and leave, or I humiliate myself by not getting it up. From what i’ve read, and after taking the time to calm myself, i know that this probably isnt Real ED but more of a mental thing. So, for confidence, and to break myself in, I am looking to Viagra to help me out for a bit. I have searched the forums and it seems obvious to everyone on how to go about getting it, but I am still confused. Would it be best for me to visit a urologist, or a doctor? also, would my parents find out if I went to a urologist? (I dont want them worrying)

I am only eighteen, but the thought of failing with this girl is simply dreadful.

And, if anyone does answer regular doctor rather than a urologist, please also tell me what I could say to him to ensure I go home with what I want. (I dont want him to suggest I don’t need viagra!)If I actually went to a doctor, which is very awkard at my age, and told him about my problems, and he said I didnt need anything, just to settle down…well, id be pretty angry.

I got viagra aged 19 because of performance anxiety - the same as you. I never used it though, just by having it available made me more confident. You should just tell your problem to your doctor/urologist and he most likely will prescribe viagra for you.

As for who to see I personally went to the doctor. There are many reasons to go to the doctor and your parents are not entitled to know any of them if you don’t want to.

The problem with life these days is everybody wants a quick fix to their problems by taking a pill.

If, when you are with your girlfriend, you pay more attention to her body and how freaking turned on by her, your performance anxiety should melt away. Get into some heavy foreplay and concentrate on turning her on, and without even thinking about it, you will have a raging hard-on. And if she really is experienced, a blow job will do the trick for sure.

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