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Need some advice with my penis size


Originally Posted by chris0147
Hi guys,

I need your help, I’m still thinking about increase my penis size in length from 4inch to 7inch and I’m also still thinking about increase the girth from 4inch to 5.5inch in flaccid. My questions is if I want to do it for 6 hours daily would I be able to increase 1inch in 3 months time when I use s**********?

And what about the girth? How long would it take me to increase from 4inch to 5.5inch when I use bathmate? How I can reduce the hernia when I use s*********** for length and how I can prevent my cock to get swelling when I use bathmate?

If I want to increase my length size to 7inch and increase my girth size to 5.5inch in flaccid, I want to know how big my cock would go in erection? If it go in 9inch in erection, is that good enough to have long hours sex and would many girls like an 9inch cock?

That’s the questions I would like to know before I can go further! :)

Am I the only one that couldn’t smell the spam in this bs post from the getgo? I won’t repost the name of what he’s peddling.

Start: April 2012 BPEL 5¼" x EG 4¾"----> July 2012 BPEL 5¾" x EG 4⅞"

First goal: 6"x5"

Long Term Goal: 8"x5¾"

I figured some young teenager that didnt know proper grammar.

Originally Posted by chris0147
Saying there is a pill that can enlarge your cock is like saying there is a pill to enlarge your index finger.

Take 100 mg of a good brand viagra and you have a pill that enlarge your normal erection, not permenent tho. You should wait with pe to you get 18 yrs, can see that you are one of the young guys that can get hurt for life.


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