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Need some advice guys, can you help!?

need some advice guys, can you help!?

Hi guys,

Ok, recently I’ve been using the PJ (power jelqer) for most of my routine, what I do is I do about 100-150 reps with the PJ device but I do an intence workout with a good erection going on, I do this at around 12 in the afternoon and then I do the same routine at around 12 midnight (about a 12 hour rest period in between). My question is how do I know if I’m working too much, my penis doesn’t feel badly sore it just feels like I got a good workout and so far doing it twice a day doesn’t seem too much but I’m wondering if there is a need to do my routine twice a day or should I just stick with one routine a day!? If anyone of you’s can give me some advice on what I should do that would be great, I can just never determine whether twice is better and going to benefit my results or if I’m just wasting my time and should stick with doing in once a day!?

Hey malice,

I am not a PJ guru but the general guidelines to fatigue are to feel a slight soreness/stretch after the workout if possible through out the day. The concept of fatigue is an elusive one and you won’t really know it until you go too far the first time.

Try my ASCII flow chart to fatigue here:

Normal->Worked->Fatigued->Start to Hurt->Ouch->OUUUCH!->OH MY GOD IT GOT PULLED OUT OF MY BODY!

I would suggest not going to the far right. Hope this explains in a twisted way the idea of fatigue. Essentially do what you feel you can do without injury.

-Tom “49 Cent” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS


Like Tom, I’m not a PJ guru (or user for that matter), but the following holds true never the less.

My biggest concern would be your erection level. You say you “do an intense workout with a good erection going on”. Just be careful you are not jelqing at too high an erection level too soon. You could probably drop back to one routine a day also at this stage. Save the advanced stuff for later.

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