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Need Routine Help/Advice

Need Routine Help/Advice

Hi all, I just started a new routine and was looking to maximize efficency by
tweaking it a little. I try to keep up a good intensity during my routine. My current routine is as such :

2 min Hot Wrap warmup
2 min Stretch
5 min Length Excersize ( I alternate between 2 types, both erect)
7 mins Jelq
9 mins Girth Excersize (Alternate between 3 types, 2 are erect)
2 mins Stretch
2 min Hot Wrap warmdown

Now I’ve heard that erect excersizes aren’t to be used by newbies unless they have grown accustomed to a new routine, so I was hoping what excersizes you guys recommend for a newbie to replace those erect ones with. Any advice regarding my routine is appreciated.

Also, just out of curiosity, what types for excersizes/devices would be best for newbies starting or starting a new routine. You know the tried and tested type excersizes/devices (Bib Hanger is one I commonly find).

Welcome to the forum, JumboDog!

What kind of erect length exercises are you doing? I haven’t heard of too many that work and am interested to hear your technique. You might want to replace those erect length exercises with regular stretching or at the most v-stretches. Here’s a great thread by soon2b9 about different manual stretches. You should be able to find a lot of good info there.

My recommendation would be to start with manual stretches and light jelqing until your dick becomes acclimated to the stress, then move up to hanging. Once you do, a Bib Starter is probably your best bet. There’s a link at the bottom of every page to the Bib Starter/Bib Hanger site. If you can’t afford to buy a Bib, you can build one with a few products from your local hardware store for less than $10. Do a search for ‘homemade bib’ or ‘homemade hanger’ for more information.

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