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Need Motivation.

Need Motivation.


I have been doing PE on and off for several years now. I have also worn a stretching device for several months. I have done all kinds of jelqing routines with and with out stretching, one day off, no days off, etc.. Basically I have tried everything but something always interrupts my progress. While I was stretching with a device I developed a mysterious pain and had to stop. The pain went away and I started doing manual jelqing with light stretching. Now with even a 40-60% erection and very light jelqing I sometimes get a drop of blood seep from the head of my penis. I know this can’t be good. And no I am not over doing it at all, I have jelqed much harder in the past with out this problem.

I think I have gained a bit of girth but no length that I can detect and I am wondering if I should give up? I am currently about 6” length X about 4.5” Girth and want to add length mostly. I know I should take some time off and rest and I will, but when I am wondering if I should start stretching (Hanging) after a rest period? If I hang do I need to Jelq too? Also I I didn’t gain wearing a stretching device for several months will hanging help or not?

If I wanted only length what is the simplest routine to do. Has anybody else had an issue with blood while jelqing?
Any help or advice would be great as I am getting to the point where the time and effort is not worth the results. Please tell me I’m not alone. And any simple, time saving routines. I will check out all of the hanging forums but wanted to get some feedback on the above questions.

Thanks so much for a great forum.

If you are still doing stretching with a device then stop doing that, and just jelq.

But you would be best advised to stiop for a week or so to let your penis repair. Later try stretching but with your hands. But it that causes blood then stop.

It’s a bit difficult to give you further advice until you can just jelq without getting drops of blood. But if you have had blood drops with a stretching device then you are also likely to get blood with a hanging device.

Maybe a pump would be better for you - at low vacuum levels.

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Yeah mate, you got to let it heal, you will only damage it more if you exert unnecessary pressure on it. Look up TGC theory when you get back into your training.

Any ideas for someone that has a room Room mate?

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