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Need Length

Need Length

Hey, I’ve been jelqing for a while now, and I’m currently about 6.75 BP, that’s from when I started at 6” about a year ago.but I haven’t been doing it very often, I’ll jelq hard for about a month then stop, then jelq more, then stop - just on and off. Oh, and for all those guys who wonder about pot affecting gains, it doesn’t really (although I only smoke like 1-2x a month) ;) Anyway, I want to get to 8” BP by next year.

I know this is quite a goal, but I’m very determined. I’ve heard stretching is the way to go in length gains. Currently this is my routine:

5 min. Hot wrap
15 min. Manual stretches
5 min. Hot wrap
300 three sec. Jelqs
5 min. Hot wrap
100 three second jelq squeezes (I heard these could help with length, so I do ‘em)

What should I add to help with length?

7-18-05 8-4-05 10-23-05 Goal

NBP: 6" NPB: 6.25" NBP: 6.5" BP: 8"

BP: 6.25" BP: 6.5" BP: 6.75" :)

Hanging seems to be what most people refer to for length gains. Have a look in the hangers forum and check that out

Jelqs in the downward angle adds to length gains. You could hang as well . Try V stretches and inverted V stretches and BTC


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