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Need Injury Help

Need Injury Help

Hey guys I started doing PE on and off at the start of 2008, I never really stuck to a solid routine but was noticing some positive PI’s. I didn’t have much luck with length in that time so started jelqing again on a 2day on 1 day off routine. On the second week, I was jelqing away as normal but being in a rush for fast gains (noobie mistake I know) I believe I used too much pressure.

So I start at the base and just before I get to the head of the penis there is a sharp pain just below the head. I stopped immediately, a bit shaken up I applied a warm wrap straight after. It was uncomfortable for the first 1-2 days but not painful. But a week later it’s starting to hurt more. The pain runs along the underside of my penis and is painful to the touch. For example if I try and pull my foreskin back the underside of my penis will hurt. Another thing I have noticed is that it seems like I have more foreskin to pull back when I’m flaccid. I also now and then get a burning sensation in the head but this has only occured once or so in a week.

Since this pain I haven’t had morning wood or very many erections in general, when I did they was a slight throbbing pain.

Obviously this injury is stressing me out quite a bit and I’m quite worried about the damage that may have been done. Has anyone had similar problems or knows about any of the possible causes/ treatments plz reply! Thanks guys

Definitely take some time off of PE. I would keep warming/massaging the area of the injury. That should promote healing/blood flow, most PE injuries just take some time.

Thanks for reply, yes I am definately taking time off PE, and I’m giving myself 2 weeks too see if the pain dies down at all. Do you have any ideas about what the injury may be?

Hey xickeral, I am not an urologist so I don’t know what the injury may be; but take the time off, no PE whatsoever, only light massaging and warm wraps. But if the pain doesn’t stop or subside in 10 days, I would suggest you go see a doctor.

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