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Need info please

Need info please

OK I’m still stuck with thrombosed veins (I think it is)
It’s now been 2 months. It’s under the head and goes all around.
It doesn’t hurt and doesn’t affect my erection but it’s keeping me
Away of PE and that’s piss me off.

Anyone as information to help me out. I’ve read a lot on the forum but can’t
Really understand what it does exactly.

Do I need to take a complete break (I mean of masturbation sex etc.)

So any information about thrombosed veins would be appreciate.

Thanks to all.

One day you will see ohhhh yes one day.. Hehe

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How do you know it is “thrombosed veins”, ub?


Members have described thrombosed veins as feeling similar to a squiggly guitar string or a tiny rubber band buried in the skin, though sometimes the clot is a hard, round bump or series of bumps. Occasionally there is mild, stinging pain and/or localized minor skin swelling at the site.

Looks a lot like that.

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

I had a thrombosed vein awhile back from clamping. What I did was 4 good hot wraps a day (and I mean hot),
followed by massaging the area quite firmly with vitamin E cream. Seemed to help, because it went away after a few days.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you dragon and glandmaster!

Goal: done, in peace with what I have

Less is more.

To be thrombosed a vein will usually show these signs:

1. red
2. hot
3. painful
4. hard

If you have only one of these, it isn’t thrombosed.

I also get those hard veins, especially under the glans and on the dorsal side. It’s fine to PE with them, but you may want to warm and massage them with oil. That seems to clear it up faster for me.

I have several right now, but none of them are a problem. If the vein does not have the symptoms mentioned by westla, you’re fine.

Anyone know why PE makes veins hard like this? Could it be a precursor to thrombosis?

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