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Need help

Need help

It’s been 2 1/2 months that I jelq but not gaining length. And I was thinking to quit PE. Can you give me advice on the best exercises to gain length? Please.

Have you gained girth? Are you doing stretches also?

Make sure you have a good warm-up and warm down. I do 10 min before and 5 min after.

Stretching with jelqing is supposed to help with length gains. As well, it can take anywhere from a month to a year to see substantial gains.

Have you looked into the more advanced PE? I would continue what you are doing for a few more weeks and then ramp up slowly.

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I think I gained 1cm length on the first month but it seems like I stopped gaining and I only gain girth lastly. I’m doing the newbie routine but sometimes it’s hard to stretch because I just get hard so I only stretch for 30 seconds each direction. I also do the warm and sometimes the warm down, it depends on the circumstances.

I’m not a specialist in PE as I to just started recently.
I think you should stretch alot more, I do at least 15min of stretching
Before I start to jelq.
5 min to all directions
5 min v-stretch
5 min up mid down
And that’s only after 10 or more min of hot wrap.
I’m into PE for. Month now, though I started to properly jelq
Just 2 weeks ago.
Gained 1.5cm as of yet.
Do it slowly
If you get too hard its no good
If you get too soft its no good either

How many jelq strokes do you do ?
And how long does it takes you ?

agree with what has been said above, you expect to gain but you are not doing enough. How can you expect to gain length when you are doing less than 5 minutes stretching per session?

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