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Need help

Need help

Didn’t get any gains after two months doing the newbie routine.,

Could you help me and give me some advise..

Should I use supplement?and what supplement may be effective and it’s cost?


Are you sure you are doing the newbie routine in the correct manner? Have you seen the videos of exercises? Did you notice at least a better EQ?

No supplement can help with gains.

Stay with the program. I got no gains for about 5 mos., but then they started.



>Didn’t get any gains after two months doing the newbie routine.,

Any? 100% sure? No erection quality differences? That’s what the newbie routine focuses on. EQ is the most important thing to change first. It’s like training lightly before you really train - but the light training has a great impact on some people.

Observe yourself:

-Are you masturbating a lot?
-Are you REALLY consistent in doing it?
-Is anything at all different?

Penis enlargement isn’t quick fix - you might have to move to different techniques, but don’t hurt yourself.

It gets better hardiness I think.

I do the newbie routine.uhm..

200 to 300 reps of jelq per session and after that 3sets of JAI stretch 15 reps..

I don’t know how to do kegel properly.


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