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need help

need help

i’ve researched the old forum and this forum many times. i felt confident enough to begin my routin. i found that i need to masterbate before i PE, or else i get an erection while doing kegals and stretching. does it matter to masterbate before? also what types of activities do you guys do while hanging? i never have the time/privacy to just lounge around and hang weights from my penis. can you hand under like sweat pants? i only know my erect length 5.75inch. i use a warm washcloth for 2min. then i do the V stretch 3 sets each direction(each pull for 10 seconds) for 5 of the seconds i do kegals, and the other 5 i do reverse kegals. then 2 min warm washcloth then 50 lubricated 3-sec. jelques. once a day mon-fri. i work out very intensly at a fitness center mon-fri, so i just do PE the same days. i take Methoxy Pro for my muscles to heal as fast as possible. i wondered if it would help any muscles i tear to heal faster in PE. anyway i’m so glad i found this forum, hopefully i can have success like some of the other members. any help or critiquing of my routine would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Hi unluckyitalian,

I don’t know for how long you’ve been doing your PE routine now but when I got started about four months ago I had a similar experience.

I would always get very excited when I began my PE routine and got a full erection nearly every time that I got to the stretching exercises. The desire to masturbate came along with that, however, I didn’t let that desire take over. After about two weeks of doing my PE exercises I noticed that my body - or better: my penis - had somehow gotten used to me touching and working the thing.

So, if you are still at the very beginning of your PE workout, I recommend that you try to fight the desire to masturbate and wait one or two more weeks for the feeling of sexual excitement to subsede. Your body/penis, too, will get used to your PE routine because, after some time, that’s all it is: A “routine” - yet a very fulfilling one in the end!!!

Greetings, pe_dude


Daily PE routine:

a) 2 min towel hot-wraps
b) 180 PC exercises
c) 6 x 1 min straight stretches
d) 2 min towel hot-wraps
e) 400 jelqs
f) 2 min towel hot-wraps

+ 2 Vigrx pills in morning/evening

The program pe_dude suggested looks like a good solid routine. I would give it a go if I were you. He also made some great points about masterbation.

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hey pe_dude is my routine bad? i feel comftorable wiith it. that is your daily routine? do u take any days off? what is the easiest way to do an effective hot wrap? i use a washcloth that gets cold easily! i also have no privacy to just make wierd things like a rice pack. you know what i mean?

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