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Need Help

Need Help


I started the newbie routine 3 months back and I got good growth and was happy about, but I ended up over training my unit and had to take a decon break.

I started the newbie routine after a decon break of 3 weeks, I just did the warm up + 5/10 mins jelquing + 5 mins. I had been doing this for a month and did not see proper gains. So just a couple of days before I started including the strectching exercise in the newbie routine - hopefully I will see some gains now.

Please let me know if anyone had gone through the same situation as I am?

Thanks in advance for your advices.


Sounds a lot like what I did. Newbie routine with good gains, got trigger happy and upped the intensity too fast, got hurt, had to decon for a while, then when I started again the newbie routine yielded no more gains.

My guess is that you will have to SLOWLY up your intensity until you get to the point where you are making gains again. Maybe over a whole month or six weeks. Just be careful of over training again. The second you reach an intensity where you are gaining just KEEP it there for a while until you stop gaining, THEN up the intensity again.


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